All of Great Lakes Medical Imaging’s radiologists are board-certified by the American Board of Radiology® and were individually selected for their extensive training and years of experience.


Charles J. Lesh, Jr., M.D.

Michael S. Silber, M.D.

Jonathan Marshall, D.O.

Kenneth Daniel Pearsen, M.D.

Victor S. Regenbogen, M.D.

James J. Rinaldi, M.D.

Andrew T. Dunn, M.D.

Anthony G. Notino, M.D.

William R. Hampton, M.D.

David P. Cipolla, M.D.

Jason R. Pericak, M.D.

Anthony-R.-Mangano, M.D.

Michael T. Miller, M.D.

Wendy E. Zimmer, M.D.

Gail E. Stokoe, M.D.

Gregory S. Shields, M.D.

Asha Diane Ziembiec, M.D.

Michael Tabone, D.O.

Douglas S. Drumsta, M.D.